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What do you get when you bring together a millennial, a boomer and a really smart guest with a ton of valuable ‘power adulting’ advice?

You end up with an explosion of bold ideas that are bound to make your life radically better! Essentially, the Power Adulting Podcast combines rousing entertainment with stimulating education to help twenty-somethings flourish in the crossroad moments of life.

Short answer: Bitchin’ Edutainment… and here’s one of our most popular shows!

If you like that sample then continue reading to learn more about what Power Adulting can do for you…

Sink or Swim Kiddo

Life is tough for everyone! Young adults, in such a new setting, often find it to be even more difficult. It can feel like learning to swim without the help of any lessons. 

How scary would that be? 

Tossed out in the middle of a deep dark vastly terrifying lake at night and told you need to reach shore on your own (with NO swimming skills & NO prior training) to officially become an adult. Sounds like some crazy “survival of the fittest right of passage” ritual. 

This podcast on adulting provides you a life raft!

Here’s what you get:

  • Great advice on Health, Relationship, Career & Money
  • El & Dave who have little or no experience (Ha! Just kidding)
  • Awesome guests with tons of wisdom in their area of expertise
  • Lessons not taught in school to bridge the ‘adulting education gap
  • Diverse (multigenerational) chats that shine light on vital adulting hurdles
  • FUN, thought-provoking conversations to help you gradually soar to success

We want a personal development community that focuses on YOU… but rocks at helping one another get ahead too!

Read on if you are willing take that challenge…

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Back to Basics

Scenario A:   High School is over, his basics are done… time to move out and start having some FUN! 

Scenario B:   23 with a college degree… yet she still faces a confusing future with more than a little anxiety! 

STOP for a second and consider those brief personas. Why did I share them and what do we all learn about getting good advice for life?

Suffering Through STUCK

Matt and Madelyn are there names but they could be anyone. Change the gender or circumstances slightly and this could be you or me. Let’s look back and see how they got here.

12+ years (K-12) of prep, 4 years of college (if you went) and then they sometimes even say you need 2-6 more years of grad work, internship or residency to get that coveted job. Now what?

You followed your parents plan for a long time and all you have to show for it is a  silly paper from your school

How can you improve the all-important decision-making process at your next fork in the road?

Imagine for a moment, the impact of a guide coming alongside to help you!

Power Adulting Helps Guide Young Adults

The Need for Wise Counsel

Matt began as a clerk to pay his bills. Things soon improve with an exciting new job and far better pay. The prospects with warehouse work are promising too. Looking good, promotions are rolling and the fast track continues… until it doesn’t. Unfortunately, he’s STUCK. It’s either stay or find another entry level position somewhere else because most of those learned skills won’t transfer to the next company or industry.

Madelyn gets recruited right out of college for an attractive job as an assistant buyer with a major clothing retailer headquartered in the downtown high-rise district of  LA. The pay is okay but the prestige of this position makes it all worthwhile… not to mention, the models and mind-boggling gala events! Promotions were offered and moves were made until the futility of the daily grind  made it all become just utterly burdensome. 

I bet they both simultaneously said, “Holy ****, adulting is bewildering! Who knew the lifestyle balance of health, relationship, career and money could be so complicated? I definitely wasn’t prepared for this!”

The scene sure looks easier in movies and social media than it does in real life. 

Back to our original question – Why & What

Purpose & Passion for Power Adulting


The significance of these all-too-familiar stories and the reason we shared them is because they are so common. In fact, Matt and Madelyn’s experience in some way, shape or form is replicated in virtually everyone’s life at one point in time or another.

Unsurprisingly, most of us could use some good, safe, non-threatening, life advice for these crucial transitions. Talking about adulting, however, seems to be such a personally private subject that it’s almost taboo

El & Dave want that to change!

Three other issues surfaced in our studies of life and the advice that’s needed:

  • Adulting is a shockingly real-life journey that is, by no means, easy.
  • Most young people follow parent direction until school ends.
  • Once parental guideposts are gone, things get murky.

The lesson learned from Matt, Madelyn and most of the rest of us too… is that young people want to do life on their own, yet not be alone! 

In other words, when you are ready to fly from the nest and start traversing this unfamiliar journey… then non-parental guidance could be extremely useful as you advance to the adulting stage and beyond. We want this community to be that solution for you!

The website & Power Adulting Podcast were created for that, friendly life advice.

Welcome and we appreciate you,
El & Dave

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