Hello Friends!

Hello Friends!

Have YOU ever felt stuck? Alone? Unmotivated? Unworthy? Hopeless?

Do YOU crave guidance? Support? Realistic tips & hacks? Relatable advisers?

Have YOU ever wondered how other people crossed these daunting adulting bridges to find their life purpose?

Welcome to the Power Adulting podcast!

Coming summer 2020, we will be sharing our weekly “Wisdom Chats for Life Hacks” so that YOU can learn from everyday experts who have already failed, time and time again, but ultimately found their own answers to life’s obstacles.

This exciting journey is preparing for lift off. Join us on our conquest of life’s deepest and darkest mysteries… so we can ALL emerge victorious, with fewer battle scars and a boatload of wisdom!

We are looking forward to growing and learning together!

Your Adulting Adventure Guides,

El & Dave

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