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All About Power Adulting

Young adults graduate from school with a lofty piece of paper and little else. They are then, unceremoniously, left to meander through the cruel complexities of the real world with little to no guidance. 

We created the Power Adulting podcast as a seekers resource for answers to all life’s toughest adulting roadblocks. You’ll find a supportively nonjudgemental second home here that offers entertaining yet powerful learning from a diverse and multigenerational perspective.

Our goal is to share theme-focused interviews that provide simple answers to life’s complicated mysteries in the areas of health, relationship, career, and money, from individuals who have already been there and done that.

We hope that by having our everyday experts share golden nuggets of wisdom and inspiration, YOU can learn to hear new truths, avoid future problems, build confidence, find a fearless mindset, overcome your pesky old obstacles, plus get a boatload of tools, tips, and valuable tactics to launch you towards your best adult self

All About El (AKA – The Millennial)

As a recent graduate with a degree in Sociology, who made all the epic mistakes imaginable and spent a few extra years in community college, I have been riding the rollercoaster of adulthood for over 6 years now. In that time, I made a revolutionary discovery. Contrary to popular belief, this journey is not at all easy. There are many, many failures, that leave you constantly questioning even the smallest decisions in life!

Throughout my adulting journey I picked up a plethora of habits including the fine art of how to mess up just about everything! This skill (if you can call it that) forced me to “get back on the horse” and ask “what went wrong.” This led me to thoroughly research the subject over my last two years of college and beyond. The results are astounding!

Though I am nowhere near an expert, I do consider myself an expert guinea pig. The hope here is simple. Take my college coursework, my own failures, my people research, plus my penchant for asking deeply probing questions… to help you avoid the classic young person mistakes and prepare you for a far more enjoyable adulting adventure! 

Over these years, I have…
  • Taught myself how to cope better and manage my eating disorder 
  • Overcome a 15 year fight with alcohol, drug and food addictions 
  • Flunked out of Jr. college but recovered to graduate with a 4.0 GPA 
  • Lost 37 lbs thru moderate change, active lifestyle, and a pescatarian diet 
  • Revitalized my friendships and long time relationship with my partner 
  • Saved over $20,000 and paid off the debts from my foolish mistakes 
  • Learned to completely love myself… flaws, failures, and all!

The last bullet is the most important accomplishment of all. Love and self-acceptance provided the catalyst to profoundly change my entire perspective. This, in turn, created the necessary momentum to eventually allow me to work on these other key areas of life.

Rock bottom was a familiar place where this lost little girl found herself time after time. These not so fun experiences (and more that will be uncovered over time) caused untold mental anguish, but also produced an unbelievable benefit that overshadowed all the other negative vices.

Passion was the result!

I am passionate about providing a world-changing platform for self growth and inspiration, where everyday experts can guide young adults through sharing their successes, struggles, life lessons, and wisdom from their wild journey of adulting. 

I spent as long as I can remember wandering aimlessly through life, with NO purpose and totally overwhelmed by the questions “whats next?”, and “how do I even begin to get there?” The sad truth is that as I searched for answers… the silence was deafening. Nobody talked about this stuff!

We ALL have the potential to achieve greatness! Sometimes we just need a little kickstart to get us going in the right direction. Through the Power Adulting podcast we share with YOU the life advice I wish I had when starting out. The aim is to simplify the grind and amplify your future. For you to become the most prepared, motivated, and fulfilled version of yourself! 

All About Dave (AKA – The Boomer)

I’m the grey-haired grandfather who is fortunate enough to be working with his brilliant daughter to deliver wisdom to your ears every week. That means you are lucky too… because this knowledge helps you steer clear of the trouble that so easily ensnares us. And don’t I know it!

Believe me, the bumps and bruises on my body and psyche tell one essential lesson. My most “mucked up” decisions could have easily been avoided with a teeny bit of life training advice from an elder who had been there before me.

In fact, a wise man once said, “Anybody can learn from their own mistakes. The truly smart person is guided by successes and failures of others.”

Yeh, but did I listen?

Well no, but in my day (of 30 cent/gal. gas) nobody was talking except for parents who always seemed to just be lecturing us. As El expressed above, the frustration with adulting advice (or lack thereof) is that nobody wants to openly discuss it because it’s way too personal to talk about. “The silence is deafening!”

The beauty with today’s technology and transparency, though, is that we can provide edutainment (from people other than your parents) where educational and entertaining wisdom flows through wonderful anecdotes. Honest, natural experiences with real ups and downs, plus a simple moral to the story.

Be smarter than me and listen to the Power Adulting podcast!

Don’t do as I did. I’m the idiot who (early on) only learned from my own missteps. A self-reliant, know-it-all, seat-of-the-pants guy who ended up spending most of his time in the School of Hard Knocks… STUCK in the “rinse and repeat cycle” for what seemed like forever! Banged around by the potholes of life, I finally realized that maybe, just maybe, there’s an easier way to get ahead.

Top Ten Lessons from my first 30 years :
  • School, sports & a BIG family built strong relationship/leadership skills
  • Managing various work teams from age 17 developed values & vision
  • Flunking out of pre-med brought humility & passion for a finance degree
  • Bankruptcy of 1st employer forced me to be an unwilling entrepreneur
  • Starting biz in my garage trained me that Frugal “is” Survival with money
  • 3 bouts of cancer (age 30) showed me deaths door & I’m NOT invincible
  • SICK, losing my hair & looking to die inspired undeniable spiritual insight
  • Selling biz for a healthy exit to pay medical bills taught me “cash is king”
  • Investing in health club, home & rental unit drilled the art of negotiation
  • Finding a cherished partner in my H.S. sweetheart is my best move ever

There’s way more to those early years but we’ll save that for future shows. Suffice it to say, “I’ve seen a thing or two so I know a thing or two!”

Nobody has seen it all, but in those first 3 decades I sure experienced more than my fair share of ups, downs and in-betweens. We could dig into my past to chat about health, relationships, career and money, but that would be boring! Instead, we’ll be joined by everyday experts in their field who have even more experience than me. You’ll have a front row seat and a super chance to enjoy some FUN, entertaining, and, above all, informative conversations filled with awesome life advice.

What about my next 30 years? Stay tuned to our show for exciting details!

All About You (AKA – The BIG Why) 

YOU are the most important piece of the puzzle! Although this is the shortest segment of this page, you are the focus of everything else on this website. Every blog post, every podcast, every resource, and every event. Everything is for you!

All our passion is about helping you, so send us a message about how we can help!

We believe in your ability to succeed. We just want you to get there way faster than we did… with a whole lot less pain and suffering! The Power Adulting podcast is geared to quickly guide you onward and upward with our easygoing format of “Wisdom Chats for Life Hacks.”

We look forward to growing together and hope you’ll connect with us by subscribing to our (soon to be delivered) Micro Boost Monday! It is a brief (powerfully brief) set of wisdom bullets, resources, and tools, to uplift you for the week and start you off right!

Your Adulting Adventure Guides,
El & Dave!
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