Be A Podcast Guest!

Welcome to the Power Adulting Podcast and thanks for your interest in being a guest. We look forward to learning more about showcasing your story to our Listeners.

Podcast interview using microphone with pop filter

Starting Point

First off, are you a fun-loving person who is into passionately helping others… especially the 20 something adulting crowd that we serve?

Next, do you have the lifetime experience chops (whether youngster or elder) to deliver relevant, powerful and entertaining content to our amazing audience?

Lastly, are you willing to take a little time (probably 10-15 minutes) to describe the potential benefit to our Listeners of having you interviewed on the show?

Goal for Power Adulting Guests

The aim is simple, profound and, if done right, world-changing. Elevate our Listeners!

You are a character (albeit an important one) who is about to play what could be a vitally memorable role in this lifelong growth narrative. This audience craves improvement but we must always remember one priority.

Each Listener is the hero of their story. We, as host and guest, are valued educators but the real reason we’re here is to help.

Keys to an Awesome Interview

You and I (guest & host) are here to serve the people we are teaching.

Listeners want to leave each podcast with three primary things:

  • Power – Life is tough so we need courage to face that next fork in the road.
  • Plan – Tips, tools, tactics and a strategy to make it happen is what’s needed.
  • Purpose – Amazing teaching without action is worthless. Give us a takeaway.

Achievement of these objectives is essential for the success of us all.

Podcast Focus & Guest Needs

Power Adulting is about “Wisdom Chats for Life Hacks.” Podcast guests will share stories about learning experiences to help aspiring young adults navigate all the key life milestones not taught in school. The idea is to provide entertaining tips and guidance in one area from our four categories of Health, Relationship, Career & Money.

Consider these items for the show: 

  • Apps, tools or resources you find useful.
  • Earbuds, headphones with mic, or microphone.
  • Brief (sentence or two) biography of your background.
  • Your value to listener’s health/relationship/career/money journey.
  • List (in a few words) the major milestones that led to your development.
  • Products, services & social media platforms you want to share with our audience. 

Format for each Episode

El and I really like to weave your teachings into the major milestones of your life story. Season two and beyond are called “mini-sodes” with a more concise structure. These are designed to have a tiny bit of history before getting right into your experiences and the lessons learned. Please set aside about 25 minutes for the interview.

We want to briefly explore your backstory before getting into the meat of the topic so try to include a few words in the questionnaire about each of the milestone moments that altered your direction in life. A couple of key words in some concise bullets help spark discussion that moves us toward worthwhile stories.

Not just any milestones, though, but those events that relate to your category topic: health, relationship, career or money. Examples might be your upbringing in this aspect of life, positive/negative role models, family influences, first major interaction with your subject matter, etc. 

Every tidbit helps!

Preparing & Recording Interview

After reviewing your milestone moments we’ll send you a (1st draft) set of questions that could be used during the interview to showcase your incredible stories! Feel free to add or delete questions that might help us better understand your journey and highlight valuable life lessons.

Equipment prep is next. The mic and audio in computers are quite poor but that can be resolved by plugging regular earbuds with a mic (or headset/mic combo) into the computer. Best sound quality is achieved from a professional microphone with a pop filter connected to your computer… but that is NOT necessary. (There are, however, excellent options for under $90.) Feel free to ask us for help.

Internet connection is critical too. Ethernet cable direct from router to computer is primo but a good Wifi signal in close proximity to your computer works just fine.

Final Thoughts for Moving Forward

Once you’re ready we’ll set a date/time and send you a link to our recording platform. Be prepared with the amazing content you plan to deliver, then sit back, showcase your experience and share lessons you’ve learned that can improve the lives of our audience

Whether you’ve done this before or not, our aim is to get past the prep so we can just relax and enjoy a fun conversation! Don’t worry about mistakes because our post-production engineers will do their editing magic… They do it for me all the time.

All that’s needed now is to fill out the info below so we can create the best storyline possible. Please complete the forms that follow as best you can. We will review your ideas to confirm a good fit with our Listeners and let you know the next step.

Podcast Guest Form