Power Adulting Privacy Policy

This policy sets forth how poweradulting.com collects, uses and protects the information you provide when utilizing our website. We do not honor ‘Do Not Track’ requests but all personal information received by Power Adulting shall be used in accordance with this privacy statement.

Linking To Third Parties.

Please note the practices in this privacy policy are for this website only. If you click an advertisement or link to other websites, please review the privacy policies posted at those sites.

  • Collection of Your Information
  • Utilization of Your Information
  • Protection of Your Information
  • Distribution of Your Information
  • Restriction on Children’s Information
  • Limitation of Your Information
  • Correction of Your Information
  • Disclaimer for Online Only and Third Parties 
  • Contacting Power Adulting
  • Consent of Use
  • Effective Date
Collection of Your Information.

When you register, subscribe or use our website features, we collect two main types of data to help us better serve you: 

  • Optional and Voluntary Data. Provided by you through a questionaire, poll, survey or some form of specific request for a Power Adulting service including but not limited to podcasting, coaching, interviewing, newsletter, eBook, membership, mentor matching or referring a friend. Personally identifiable information (like last name, email address, contact information, financial details, etc.) shall at all times remain on a strictly confidential, need-to-know, basis while non-identifiable data such as (first name, occupation, religion, etc.) allows us to get to know you better and is also available for you to build into your public profile page.
  • Automatic, Involuntary and Non-identifiable Information. Received through Internet technology such as log files, cookies and web beacons which track your interests and preferences so we can better personalize your online experience. 

Optional/voluntary data listed above in the first bullet helps us enhance security, build your personality profile, match you with likeminded individuals and provide you with useful content. Automatic/involuntary information described previously in the second scenario interprets website traffic and increases the level of your privacy by aggregating all information so it is not correlated with any particular user. 

How and why we gather these types of important information is described below: 

Optional Information:
  • Registration. We require a valid email address to post on our public forum and additional contact information to obtain deeper connection and communication privileges.
  • Refering Friends. There are two types of referrals. First, refer a friend to the site. Second, forward a link, page, document or article to a friend. In either case, we may make an initial contact with your friends and an occasional polite reminder but we will not conduct repetitive campaigns to solicit friends identified by you.
  • Questionnaires. Your interests and attributes are foundational to the Power Adulting proprietary systems and thereby critical to our success as a community. Individual responses to personally identifiable information shall be confidential. Non-identifiable data may, at your discretion, be used for various reasons including but not limited to building a profile page for members to view.
  • Interactive Opinion Polls. Responses are securely aggregated to not be identifiable; but may be “tagged” so you can only vote once.
  • Improvement Surveys. Specific information is not shared, but aggregated demographic data will be shared with our third party partners in quantifying advertising results. 
  • Contact Information. We require an email address to register and additional contact information to upgrade, but you may also opt-out of any direct marketing contact. (See details below.) Power Adulting also provides a Customer Care team to guide and support your personal development through email and phone follow-up. To do this they need your contact data but if you prefer not to receive this help, you may also opt-out of our Customer Care follow-up. (See below for – Limitation on your Information.) As a courtesy we also fully comply with the U.S. CAN-SPAM Act. 

Please note: Personally identifiable information is treated with utmost care.   

Automatic Information:
  • Login Files. This tool gathers IP addresses, ISP’s and browser information such as time stamps, reference pages and click statistics. It helps administer the overall website by guarding against fraud, analyzing trends, determining usage, tracking user movement and gathering broad demographic information. Log files are not linked to any personally identifiable information and are not shared externally.  
  • Cookies. This text file helps you personalize your online experience by allowing us to save your preferences and track trends in addition to differentiating new and repeat visits. Your cookie contains no personally identifiable information unless you supply it yourself, but advertisers often use them to track click rates and the impact of ads. Cookies may be turned off in your browser but be aware that this may result in some loss of the seamless service provided on our Site.   
  • Web Beacons. Web beacons are a tiny, transparent, graphic image file usually used with cookies by advertisers to monitor your journey around a website or collection of sites. Again, for your protection, no personally identifiable information you provide to Power Adulting shall be linked to a web beacon or cookie for third party use. 
  • Third Party Technology. Advertisements and third party links found on poweradulting.com integrate the above mentioned web practices to automatically receive your IP address and send ads directly to your browser. Additional tools such as javascript, DoubleClick DART cookies or other technologies may also be used to measure results and/or personalize the content you see on the site.
  • Advertising Partners. Ad servers and various networks, including but not limited to Google, may use a variety of cookies and web beacons on our site. DART cookies, in particular, enable Google and others to generate ads based on a visitor’s activity at poweradulting.com and other sites on the Internet. You may opt out of Google DART cookies by visiting the following URL: http://www.google.com/privacy_ads.html 

We strive at all times to maintain the highest standards of integrity and privacy. Your comments for improving any Power Adulting services are always welcome.

Utilization of Your Information.

Information you provide is used to fulfill your requests and enhance your online experience by building content based upon your unique interests and inclinations.Here is some of the data we might gather:

  • Name, contact info, marriage/family, birthdate, ethnicity, religion, income, gender, job, etc.
  • Demographic information such as postcode, preferences and interests.
  • Other information relevant to customer surveys and/or offers.

This information is then arranged and used to provide you with a far superior service experience. Here are some potential benefits:

  • Reducing the potential of fraud, keeping internal records updated  and building your matching profile . 
  • Products and services are regularly updated from this information.  
  • Periodically you may receive a promotional piece about new products, special offers or other information that may be of interest to you.  
  • We may also contact you for market research purposes either by email, phone, fax or mail and customize the website accordingly.
  • Most important, however, is the follow-up service of our customer care team. The more they know about you, your interests, plans and goals, the more help they’ll be in achieving your dreams! 
Protection of Your Information.

We want your online experience to not only be satisfying but safe. Power Adulting operates data networks protected by the use of industry standard firewall technology, password protection systems and encryption protocols to safeguard any transfer of user information over the Internet. Additional protective measures include periodic audits of our security and privacy systems with upgrades as technology advances. We also require a Supplementary Confidentiality Agreement for any individuals with authorized access to any private customer information. 

While we use commercially reasonable measures to maintain a secure site, no information transmitted over the Internet can be guaranteed 100% secure.  Other than expressly stated in this document, Power Adulting makes no warranty or guarantee that information transmitted to us over the Internet is secure.   

Distribution of Your Information.

Information you provide us is distributed by choice or  by law. The following is a description of each method. 

To provide the highest quality user experience, Power Adulting may disseminate certain aspects of your data (by choice) to individuals and enterprises deemed necessary for the continuation of an outstanding service.

By Choice:

  • Externally. We will not share personally identifiable information with anyone outside Power Adulting except essential third party partners, including but not limited to payment providers*, membership transfers*, customer care agents, technology assistants, outsourced personnel or those of a similar nature who perform valuable services on our behalf. 
  • Internally. Employees, agents and volunteers who have signed a Power Adulting confidentiality Agreement will have access to limited amounts of personally identifiable information (such as full name, address or phone number, etc.). Financial data you provide us, however, is securely forwarded directly from you to our gateway provider for payment and is not accessible to staff. The only instance where Power Adulting staff would have access to your financial information is if you provide it by calling in a credit/debit card order, remitting a check or by some similar method.  
  • Anonymously. Power Adultingmay disclose your usage information and demographics in a manner that does not reveal your personal identity.  You agree that we may anonymously use your experiences to promote and improve the Power Adulting site and the Services.

*If your membership or dues payment is transferred to a third party (i.e. for alternative processing, business acquisition, etc.), personally identifiable information may be transferred to another person or entity with reasonable notice of any such change.

To comply with applicable law or legal process, Power Adulting may be required (under law) to reveal private information to a third party without your permission. Power Adulting may also, at its sole discretion, disclose identifiable data to protect the personal safety of our users or the public at large.

Under Law:
  • Lawful Disclosure. You acknowledge that there are circumstanced in which Power Adulting is required to disclose personal information to governmental authorities or other third parties. Power Adulting, in its sole discretion may disclose to third parties your personal information for the following purposes:
  • To take reasonable action to comply with law or cooperate with a request of governmental authorities or law enforcement made under color of law; 
  • To protect or defend the rights (whether property, contract or equitable) of Power Adulting or any third party;
  • To take reasonable action to safeguard or protect the health and safety of Power Adulting members, employees, volunteers, owners, management, agents and affiliates, whether threatened, actual or otherwise.
  • Imminent Danger or Abuse. Without limiting the provisions  of a Terms of Service Agreement or this Privacy Policy, you acknowledge and agree that anyone observed through the Site, the Service or by another individual to be acting criminally, abusively or who appears to be in imminent danger of harming him/herself or someone else may in the discretion of a Power Adulting member, employee or affiliate, be immediately reported to Power Adulting staff, and appropriate government authority or a law enforcement officer. 
Restriction on Children’s Information

This website is directed toward adults.  In compliance with the Federal Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA), Power Adulting shall not knowingly request personally identifiable information from anyone under the age of 13 without requesting parental consent.

Limitation of Your Information

You may change the collection of your personally identifiable  information for the following uses by writing us or clicking contact@poweradulting.com 

  • If you previously requested contact, you may change your mind at any time.
  • You may choose to not register or not participate in any new interactive area. 
  • You may also opt-out of third party contact provided from within Power Adulting such as our Customer Care Team if you so desire.
  • You may deactivate most* personally identifiable information from the Site’s database as of the date of request.  Please be advised that backup systems may contain residual information after a deactivation request. 

*‘Most’ means we reserve the right to send you service announcements and administrative messages without an opt-out opportunity.

Correction of Your Information

If you believe that any information we have regarding you is incorrect or incomplete, please go to the appropriate account page under the Profile button to change or correct the information (i.e.: financial data, password, telephone, email or mailing address). For other information that you may not be able to access, just write us or click contact@poweradulting.com and we will correct any information found to be incorrect.

Disclaimer for Online Only and Third Parties 

This privacy policy relates only to online data that is collected or shared by users of our website and does not apply to any information gathered from offline means. 

Furthermore, Power Adulting has no control over other websites or advertisers and this policy does not apply to their activities. For additional information on privacy policies or opt-out instructions, please go to the respective third party website(s). You may also learn how to manage cookies through the tutorial page of your own web browser.

Contact Info for Power Adulting

For questions about privacy or any other terms and conditions of use, please contact: Power Adulting Site Administrator 152 Avenida De La Paz, San Clemente, CA  92672 or email us at contact@poweradulting.com  

Consent by Use

By using our website(s), you consent to the collection and use of this information by Power Adulting. If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post those changes on this page so that you may be aware of what information we collect, how we use it and when we disclose it.  You agree that posting on this webpage constitutes reasonable notice to you of any changes to the privacy policy of Power Adulting. Your use of our website(s) is subject to the conditions as set forth in additional Site Agreements including but not limited to Terms of Service/Use, Safety Measures, or other pertinent Agreements.

Effective Date

This privacy statement was last revised May 29, 2020.